A Message from Janie:

I am super proud to let you know my book won 2 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards!! The awards are in the categories of “Picture Books 5 & Younger” and “Animals/Pets”.

About Author

“Janie Nugent’s fresh, fun and educational take on everything from family to pets is the perfect way for your families to connect over storytime any night of the week!!”

Educational, Pet and Family-Friendly Writing

Janie Nugent’s fresh, fun and educational take on everything from family to pets is the perfect way for your families to connect over storytime any night of the week!
Janie Nugent always dreamed of becoming a writer. As a lifelong supporter of animals personally and financially, sharing Doug’s story was the perfect reason to write her first book.

Doug has become a popular character and the second book, “D-Pug in New York”, is available now. The story picks up with Doug, Michael, and their friends in New York. His New York friends have given him a nickname….D-Pug.

Raising Funds for Animal Shelters

Janie’s love for animals extends beyond her literary works. Her book A Dog for Michael was written and published in order to raise money for animal shelters. Proceeds from the book have provided support to shelters and sharing the book in schools has helped raise awareness.

Distributed through Amazon, sold at events and provided to shelters for their clients, the book has effectively raised money that goes towards providing a better life for dogs, cats and other animals!

Bringing Families, Pets and Life Together

Each one of Janie Nugent’s books is an exciting yet informative journey through the interactions between children, their pets and their families.

With a focus on incorporating the incredible relationships that kids share with their beloved pets into her books, Nugent has become a favorite with pet lovers everywhere!

D-Pug In New York

by Janie Nugent

Michael and his dog Doug “D-Pug” live in New York City. They have many friends in the 4-H Club and at the park where they play almost every day after school. When their club is invited to build a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, they decide to build a park on wheels.

Join them as they have fun together building their float and celebrating the holidays in New York. D-Pug in New York is a joyful book taking a peek into the life of a rescued pug and his friends.

A Dog for Michael:
Doug to the Rescue

by Janie Nugent

Adopt a rescue dog and change both your lives! Doug was eight years old when he arrived at a rescue facility, confused and scared. His owner had passed away, and her final wish was for Doug to have another loving family. She had raised and loved him since he was a five-week-old puppy and knew he would make another family as happy as he had made her…

Perfect for kids ages 0-8, the amazing picture book is a great way for pet-loving families to bond or for children to begin their reading journey!

Testimonials & Reviews



Grady Harp – Amazon.com

“Author Janie Nugent is an animal lover and has written a new book with her terrific characters Doug (the Pug) and the lad Michael as they have moved from Florida to New York. The book is well illustrated by artist Terry Pond.

Now in New York City Michael and his rescued and adopted dog Doug (now called D-Pug) live in a tall building by Central Park. They enjoy their friends in the 4-H Club and in the park. As is the tradition in New York City, the Thanksgiving Day Parade sponsored by Macy’s is a high point of winter and when Michael and Doug find that their 4-H Club has been invited to join, they build a float that epitomizes Central Park – on wheels!

The story rings with fun and simultaneously brings to the young reader fine lessons in caring for adopted pets, becoming a part of the community in working together as a team, and making the trait of kindness paramount.

This book is a joy to read – both for children and for the adult reader, opening windows on what is important in families and friends.”

Five Stars

Mary Griffiths – Amazon.com

“Wonderful book!!!! I recommend everyone buy it,”

Children & dogs alike get adopted!!!

Terri Shennett – Amazon.com

“Our 5 year old adopted son was thrilled to hear the story about an adopted dog! The true story of a family adopting an older dog was heart warming. The pictures and the book itself are A+. I highly recommend it. I hope the author writes another one ~ She did an amazing job!”

Story with a great message!

Jason Wachtel – Amazon.com

“The illustrations for this book are super! I love this dog’s face! This is a great story to help people realize what a great match an older dog can be for a family, or especially a young boy. The book is very high quality, and wonderfully made to last a long time. This would make a great gift, or could even be used to introduce the idea of getting an (older) housetrained dog instead of a house-destroying puppy!”

My daughter is looking forward to reading more about Doug and his adventures.

Caitlin G – Amazon.com – February 25, 2019

“D-Pug in New York is an adorable story about a Pug named Doug. We learn that Doug is originally from Florida and has since moved to New York. Doug has two neighbors who are his best friends. My 4 year old loved Patty aka Pattycake because not only was she a dachshund like our dog, but she was also a rescue like ours!…

Fun story that teaches about animal rescue and support

Meg – Amazon.com – February 25, 2019

“First of all, I was thrilled that a children’s book again uses a great teaching moment to help stress how beneficial animal rescue and adoption is. We are giant supporters of adopting pets versus buying pets and know that the message to be more open to that begins with kids. Perhaps parents reading to their children will also have a new perspective…”

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